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Elizabeth Mackey delivers the Valedictory Address during the Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony.


Keirsten Davis delivers the Salutatory Address during the Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony.

Tough Questions - Stacy Airhart, Class of 2015

8/26/16 Facebook Post - As I wrapped up my first week of my sophomore year of college yesterday, I began to really understand why God placed me at TNCC. This semester I am taking a philosophy class. To say the least, my professor has some very colorful language. Of course, on the first day the question of "does God exist?" came up. Shortly thereafter my professor basically asked how a loving God would kill so many people in the Old Testament. Without thinking or raising my hand, I said, "God is a just God and a loving God." He paused a minute then asked me about it to which I explained what he wanted to know. A little later he asked if anyone had a soul and only 2 of us raised our hand. He began to question me again seeing as how by that point he knew I was a Christian. After class my thought was "ok Stacy, let's get out of here!" Before I could, my professor comes over to me and says "thank you for arguing with me today. Most students aren't willing to stand up for what they believe so I am very glad that you are willing to." I told him that it was a hard decision to take this class, but I was ready to challenge myself and take my faith to the next level. He then said "are you willing to argue what you believe with me all semester?" I said that I was and he was very glad. Even in our doubt it's amazing to see God's plans come out and to see why he put us where he did at a particular time. I'm excited to see my faith challenged and taken to the next level this year!

AP Statistics Success

90% pass rate for AP Statisitics. DBCS offered AP Statistics for the first time ever in AY 2015-2016. Of the 10 students in the class, 9 passed with five 3's, three 4's, and a 5!!

A Letter from a former Teacher

Why should you send your child to DBCS? The surface answer is so they will receive a Christian education. The deeper answer looks at the words "Christian" and "education". It was the desire of my husband and myself that our children have both and we found both at DBCS. Knowing the challenges that would face our sons in school and after graduation, we wanted teachers that would assist us in holding them accountable to biblical standards and encouraging them in their spiritual growth. For education we wanted our sons subjects to be taught from a biblical worldview and to be prepared academically for college. All of this sounds like a tall order but we found these things at DBCS along with a range of competitive sports and a family atmosphere. If you are considering how or where to educate your child I would suggest you visit DBCS. -Lisa Tonkovic, Middle School / High School Math Teacher

Spiritual Emphasis Week 2015

Each year we set aside one week to have a guest speaker or group come to challenge our students. This year we invited all DBCS graduates. Thank you to Chris Mouring (Class of '83), Davy Saunders (Class of '88), Laura Forgeng Leicht (Class of '88), and Rachel Coon (Class of '10) for giving back to your school. Click here to watch the videos of all the sessions and workshops.

Class of 2014

valedictorian address

Class of 2012

At graduation, each senior has the privilege of pre-recording a speech. Students express gratitude to family, tell future plans, and give a few final thoughts on their time at DBCS. The following are a few excerpts from those speeches.

"I know that you will probably hear it numerous times tonight, but it seriously seems like just yesterday that I was walking up to Denbigh for Kindergarten with a lot of the people that I am graduating with tonight. I must express my thanks to my incredible Lord and Savior without whom I cannot even imagine where I might be. I am overjoyed about Your plan and for once I am okay without knowing all of the logistics. Denbigh has seen my best and worst moments, but what is so great is that those here have accepted me in both. Many thanks go to my teachers who have all helped shape me. Mrs. Poplin,  thank you for sitting me down that day and telling me that my desire to pursue music was plausible. I look forward to upcoming years at Cedarville as I prepare to be a music minister. Congratulations to the Class of 2012 - remember that there is no greater joy in life than serving our Lord." - Robert Rhodes, Class of '12

"...every person that I have met here has influenced my life in some way and I can think of no negatives. And for that, I hope that mom knows that signing my enrollment papers in 6th grade was one of the best decisions that she has made for me." - Bryan Williams, Class of '12

"As you look at me today, I am not the same person I was three years ago. Before attending DBCS, I was going down the wrong path. When my parents told me that they were going to send me here, I was so angry and couldn't imagine that I would be able to establish friendships like the ones I was leaving behind. However, that decision ended up being the best thing that could have happened for me. I have really changed since coming here, not only academically, but in the way I live my life. I would like to thank my teachers for giving me the encouragement and knowledge that I needed to get through high school - especially Mr. Hoxie and Mr. Haggerty for always telling it like it is, because sometimes that is what I need to hear." - Travis Soles, Class of '12

"My teachers were nothing short of awesome. Hoxie,  thanks for being real with me when I needed it most. If there is something that I can say to the upcoming class it is that God loves you and it doesn't matter what your past is like - God loves you and if you will do the 1% He will open up your heart and do the 99. Denbigh Baptist is something special and I owe my life to this school." - Tyler Soper, Class of 2012

"Wow! Four years went by so fast. I remember when I first stepped into D-Bap and I was already talking about graduation. Well, it's finally here and I am glad that I learned to make the most of my time that I have and stop wishing it away. In fact, I learned a lot at Denbigh that I never expected to learn. I learned that life has a purpose and that the most important thing in life is to have a relationship with God. With Him and through Him all things fall into place." - Vick Bergstrom, Class of '12

Junior Selected for JLab High School Summer Honors Program

Grant Showalter is one of 10 high school students selected in Hampton Roads out of 87 applicants to participate in the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) High School Summer Honors Program. The selection is based on demonstrated academic achievement and merit. The program is a full time work-study internship that runs from June 23 to August 1, 2014. The students are paired up with mentors whom they work alongside. Each student is also given an individual project to complete and report on at the end of the term.

Showalter is the sixth DBCS student to be selected for this program, and only the second to be selected during his junior year. Others who have participated are Callaway Cass ('99), Amber (Pelletier) Dean ('02), Stephanie Bush ('04), Scott Lahr ('08) and Andrew Jones ('10).

Two Juniors Complete the Online VASTS Program

Justin Potter and Erica Slager-Laurent successfully completed the Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS) program earning two college credits in Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Technology (MEC 195) from Thomas Nelson Community College.

VASTS is an interactive on-line science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning experience. Students are immersed in NASA-related research through interaction with scientists, engineers and technologists. The program is a partnership between the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and NASA Langley Research Center with assistance from the Virginia Department of Education.

Justin and Erica completed 8 web-based modules, which began last December and were due every two weeks. The module required solutions to real-world questions, design of upgrades to be used on the International Space Station (ISS), and design of a mission to Mars. They also participated in discussion forums on current space-related topics with other Scholars and NASA scientists and engineers, and honed their technical writing skills.