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Middle School

In grades six through eight, young men and women are challenged to examine their identity in Christ, and to integrate godly characteristics into their lifestyle and their interaction with peers.

Middle School is a time of dynamic growth for students. They are given the opportunity to shoulder more responsibility for both the physical and intellectual aspects of their learning environment. That is, they change classes, have lockers, and are expected to take notes, and engage in independent reading, note-taking, and studying.

They are given opportunities to lead in chapel, as class officers, and as student government representatives. They are able to participate in other student organizations, such as SCA and the Joy Club. Middle school Bible studies are available weekly during lunch hour. Academic competition at the school, area, and state level are available to them as well.

Our middle school fields athletic teams in many sports. We consistently field middle-school teams in soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Our middle school students are an integral part of our cross country and track and field competition.

Dedicated teachers provide a stimulating academic program in the foundational areas. Resource teachers offer classes in music, art, and computer. Students who excel academically are also afforded the opportunity to take high school courses in mathematics and Spanish. These grades provide a smooth transition from the elementary years to the rigors of high school.

Upper School

Scripture teaches that God wants us to love Him with all of our heart, our soul, and our mind. (Matt. 22:37) We believe that loving God with all our mind indicates that students need to use their minds for learning truths about God's word and world to the best of their ability. To that end, DBCS not only offers instruction in scripture and the application thereof, but it also offers a varied and rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for future endeavors.

DBCS offers a full college-preparatory program. Our students have been admitted to very selective schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as across the country. Some of these schools include the College of William and Mary, the University of Virginia, the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Naval Academy, the University of Notre Dame, Grove City College, and Wheaton College.

Scripture also teaches " Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." (Col 3:23) In that respect, our students have been successful in a wide range of endeavors, including those in the pastoral, educational, medical, legal, engineering, protective, and fine arts arenas. We can list among our alumni pastors, college professors, lawyers, engineers, interior designers, missionaries, military officers, enlisted military personnel, hairdressers, and policemen.

Our mathematics and science curricula provide excellent preparation for students planning careers in science, engineering, and medicine, as well as other technical endeavors. Our AP classes in mathematics can provide many of our students with a much appreciated head-start in their college coursework.

We offer fine arts curricula in vocal music and studio art. Our graduates have been successful in musical, theatrical, studio art, and architecture curricula at various colleges and universities.

We also welcome those students who may not aspire to attend very selective colleges, students who may not have that academic ability or who may not have the interest to do so. Because we believe that God gifts people in different ways, to them we offer a credible curriculum that will meet the needs of those planning to engage in technical work, as well as other pursuits. We have had students succeed at the Huntington-Ingalls Apprentice School as well as many other technical endeavors, including in the military in general, and the US Navy's nuclear propulsion program in particular.


High school students are gradually moving toward more independence in thought and action. DBCS classmates can become loyal and lasting friends who share the joys and difficulties of life and who support and encourage each other.

School Spirit

High school students share Minuteman pride by having fun at class socials, by participating in school clubs, by encouraging elementary prayer partners, by worshipping together in chapel, and by participa- ting with & supporting school athletics.


DBCS offers core classes and elective courses (including honors and A. P.) that are taught by caring teachers with a Christian worldview. Graduates may earn either a regular diploma or an advanced studies diploma.


DBCS athletic teams offer the opportunity to build muscles, friendships, and teamwork while challenging students to learn the discipline that enables success in all areas of life. See you on the pitch, on the trail, on the field, or on the court!