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Visual Arts

The art program at Denbigh Baptist Christian is multifaceted. From first through twelfth grade, students are given the opportunity to develop skills in observation, drawing, painting, design and printmaking. Art history and Biblical aesthetics are layered into DBCS visual arts in order to offer a fuller, more balanced program.

In the weekly elementary art class, students are introduced to using new materials while developing basic skills. At this level, there are more opportunities to create three-dimensional work. Their vivid imaginations never cease to impress, even though every student is taught from the same basic lessons.

Middle school presents interesting challenges. Not quite youngsters but not quite adults, these students definitely have their likes and dislikes when it comes to creating art. These likes and dislikes can roughly be categorized into male and female interests, and ideally, separate boy/girl art classes work very well at this age. But even if the classes are combined, students are encouraged to follow their natural interests – which typically leads them to create "boy art" and "girl art." For example when given a choice, almost every girl loves lessons having to do with shoes whereas boys don't see the point for that lesson. They are much more comfortable designing planes or cars. At Denbigh, we celebrate and appreciate how God has designed us – male and female, equal but different.

High school art meets daily and therefore has much more time to produce a variety of artwork. While beginning with the basics, it isn't long before portraiture and perspective are presented. More in-depth study is available to students with each successive year that they take art – along with more freedom in creative decision making.

Over the years, high school art students have been involved in painting murals for Denbigh Baptist Church, as well as scenery/backdrops for high school plays and concerts. Students create artwork dealing with a particular Biblical theme for the yearly Missions Conference, and the year-end art show provides students with an opportunity for competition. Qualified, competent judges award ribbons for outstanding student work. In the past the judges have been very complimentary of the high level of achievement. In some years prints of student artworks were sold, with the proceeds benefitting charities such as the Peninsula Rescue Mission and Blood/Water Mission sponsored by Jars of Clay. For Metro Art Competitions in previous years, DBCS had many winning entries and four Best in Show ribbons.

To sum it all up, art is important at a Christian school because PICTURES ARE POWERFUL, and IMAGES INFLUENCE!