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Alumni Scholarship Fund

We are pleased to announce that the DBCS School Management Team (SMT) has established the DBCS Alumni Scholarship Fund. Donated funds will be used to provide tuition assistance (in addition to and outside of the school's financial aid program) to deserving/struggling families. Mr. Law will use these funds at his discretion and with the consent of the SMT chairman and will file an annual Fund report with the SMT. If you would like to review the Fund's Guidelines as approved by the SMT, request a copy and we will email you the link.

Will you join us in helping to make a DBCS education possible for a hurting, struggling family? Any gift will help...no matter how small. A gift the equivalent of a full year's tuition would be approximately $5,500 for an elementary student and $6,200 for a high school student. If DBCS has made a difference in your life, would you consider helping to make a difference in the life of a student who desires a Christian education like you received at DBCS?

If you can help or if you need more information, please email Mr. Law or Mr. Fletcher. If you are ready to make a contribution, please click on the button above and make sure to select "DBCS Alumni Scholarship Fund" from the drop down menu under the "Additional Information" section.

Of course, any contribution to the fund would be tax-deductible.