13010 Mitchell Point Road, Newport News, VA 23602

Alison Havens


Alison Havens has taught within the Christian school setting for the past 20 years. She has taught Bible, Algebra, math, World Geography, Writing, a variety of other subjects and organized and worked with the chapel committees.

Mrs. Havens earned a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Degree (major - Language Arts) from Christopher Newport University. She earned a Postgraduate Teaching License (Middle Education Grades 5-8, 1996) from CNU. A BA degree (major - Liberal Arts, Excelsior University, Albany NY, 1992) and an AA degree (major - Liberal Arts, Miami Dade Jr. College, Miami, FL, 1975).

She is married to William E. Havens, Jr. (Dub) of Narrows, VA and they have seven daughters. She is an active member of Huntington Mennonite Church where she teaches Sunday school for middle school students. She also does all design and flower arrangements for the church. She enjoys spending time with her husband. She also enjoys attending church, reading, being a grandma, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. She places God first in her life.