757.249.2654 ~ 13010 Mitchell Point Road ~ Newport News, VA 23602
  • Denbigh Baptist Christian School serves families in Newport News, Hampton, and York County
  • Dual Enrollment, private school, strong academics, strong athletics
  • ACSI accreditied, quality education
  • pre-school, early learning center, daycare

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Early Learning

Offering a year round program serving ages two-and-a-half through four years of age. Our Early Leaning Center provides experiences that enrich and enhance the spiritual, mental, physical and social development of our littlest ones. A variety of schedules are offered.

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Godly teachers lovingly guiding their students in the pursuit of Truth. Denbigh Baptist Christian School is a private Christian school that seeks to teach to the whole person...mental, social, and physical. Our elementary teachers work to create a challenging and loving academic environment.

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Upper School

High school students will be prepared for the future with a Christian worldview and a solid academic foundation. Students build friendships and learn life lessons through participation in chapel, athletics, clubs, and class social events. DBCS is accredited by ACSI.

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Current Events

  • 5th Grade Writing Assignment.

    Fifth graders work on creative writing topics in class. Today students wrote about a time they were confused, worried, sad, discouraged, lonely, or frightened. They told what they remembered about God during that time and explained the way He helped them through it.

  • New Desks.

    We were able to replace our oldest set of desks. Our first graders are excited!

  • Jessie

    Jessie's view of her time at DBCS.

  • Drew

    Here's Drew's take on DBCS.

  • Adam

    Adam has loved his time here at DBCS. Listen to a few of his thoughts about DBCS.

  • Tori

    Tori is a member of the Class of 2013. Check out this short video about her time at DBCS.


DBCS is the first Christian school in the United States to adopt and implement the GreenZone civility program.

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Children's Fund

DBCS is pleased to inform you that there is a way to give the gift of a DBCS Christian education to a needy family AND receive a tax break!

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As one of the more established Christian schools in the area, DBCS enjoys a long history of graduating classes.

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Annual Campaign

With the computer refresh now complete (thanks everyone!), the Annual Campaign now shifts focus to a security system.

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